Greater Metro Phoenix Area
Virl Dowdy  (602) 995-8099

Roy Arnold (623) 326-3125

Tom Zuppan (602) 359-3234 (Swarms only).

Jim Novak (602) 695-0485 (Swarms only).
Central and East Valley – Scottsdale
Ed & Kay Shepard - Bee Kill  (602) 276-2592 

Jesse Peek (832) 385-2895

Nathan Braasch (920) 203-4508  
East Valley, Mesa, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Apache Junction & Chandler
Jerry Haws    (480) 532-9642
Derrick Shields  (480) 326-4135

San Tan Valley, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, Gilbert and East Mesa

McClain Broad (480) 842-1070
Northwest Phoenix – Glendale, Surprise, Sun City, & Sun City West
Dick & Bonnie Bean (623) 332-0023
Southwest Phoenix  - Litchfield, Avondale & Goodyear
Dick & Bonnie Bean  (623) 332-0023

Beekeepers are sometimes called to capture swarms that are cast by feral honey bees or from the hives of domestic beekeepers.  Most beekeepers will remove a honeybee swarm for a small fee or maybe even free if they are nearby.  Usually a beekeeper or bee removal company will use a bee vacuum to capture the bees in a caged container so they can transport to a new hive.  This way is easy and if done with just the right amount of suction, few bees are lost.  Bee swarms can almost always be collected alive and relocated by a competent beekeeper or bee removal company. 
A swarm of bees sometimes frightens people, though the bees are usually not aggressive at this stage of their life cycle.  This does not mean that bees from a swarm will not attack if they perceive a threat; however, most bees only attack in response to intrusions against their colony.  Swarm clusters, hanging off of a tree branch, will move on and find a suitable nesting location in a day or two.  Swarms are usually not aggressive unless provoked, so it is important to keep a good distance. 


Below is a list of beekeepers that might be able to assist you with your bee removal.  This list is provided as a convenience to the public and we are not endorsing their services or work.  You may use this list at your own discretion.